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    Default Ive been gone awhile UPDATE

    Update-well my Christmas present consisted of AF coming on Christmas day. Just thought I would give an update. Here's wishing to better luck next month!

    Hi all! My name is Lindsay and my husband and I have been trying to conceive for about a year. About a year
    ago I got pregnant and had a chemical pregnancy. This month I decided to try the clearblue digital ovulation tests and temp. I got 2 smiley faces on the 12th and 13th and we bd'ed on the 12 and my temp went up a lot on the 13th. My baseline temp has been 97.9 and the past couple days it's been 98.1 and 98.2 and I've been more tired then usual and I get weird pains in my stomach. I also took another opk yesterday and today and the 2nd line keeps getting darker! I'm 6dpo today. So my question is should I be getting excited or not? I don't want to get my hopes up just in case. A BFP would be a great Christmas present for us! Another question is how many dpo does it usually take to get a positive on an opk if u are pregnant?

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    I hope this is if for you. It took us 3 year to get DS.

    I wouldn't rely on OPKs at all like I said in another thread. I've seen a lot women get confused and frustrated over it. Not sure where you live, but Dollar Trees have $1 pink dye tests and supposedly a lot of Walmarts carry HPTs for less than a dollar each.....and I'd wait a few days to test. 6dpo is REALLY early for a BFP. It's not uncommon for implantation to not have happened yet too. Good luck!

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    I tested at 9DPO and got a VERY faint line! I tested again at 11DPO and visibly had a line!
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    Took us about three years, too. It's unfortunate that those who desperately want to get pregnant sometimes have a hard time. Hang in there!

    6dpo is really early. Implantation typically occurs 7-11dpo (although it can occasionally happen a little earlier or later). After implantation, it takes a little while for hcg levels to rise. Realistically, the earliest you could get a BFP is 8dpo. To make this more confusing, it's hard to pinpoint the exact time of ovulation so you could actually be 5dpo or 7dpo when your chart says 6dpo. I hope you get a BFP in a few days. That would be a great Christmas gift that you would never forget!

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