July Testing

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July Testing

When are you planning to test? Or if you don't POAS, when is AF due?

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July 25 AF is due for me. I am gonna do my best not to test unless I feel really crazy or something...we'll see Wink

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July 26 AF is due for me! One day after you Michelle! I'm not going to test unless AF is late. I'm not overly confident that cycle 1 will be the one.

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AF is due for me next tuesday. But I'm not really sure about her exact arrival date. I will probably break down and test on Saturday, I haven't peed on anything in awhile and I'm getting antsy. No symptoms really unless you count extreme moodiness. My bbs are sore but that's normal around this time. I think I'm out bc I ovulated so late this cycle.

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Af is due Sunday or Monday, so holding out until then. I don't think i am pregnant but we will see in a few days

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Holding out till August 4th!!!!!