Light Cramping

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Light Cramping

So I've been having light cramping for the last 2 days. Usually I cramp a few hours before I get AF, but this is very light and has been happening the last 2 days. This is the first month post-miscarraige so I haven't had AF yet since. So I don't know what to think!! I know it's possible to get pregnant after a M/C without going through a whole cycle first....I just want answers and my body is throwing me off!! I won't be upset if I get AF because then I can tell where I'm at. I want to get on the road with TTC!!

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hmmm.. could be anything really... after an m/c things can be a bit wonky for a while - my first post m/c AF was a bit later than usual, a bit heavier and a bit crampier...

but I know you can also get crampy feelings in early pregnancy... so....

sorry that's not much help is it? Hope your body sorts itself out soon so you know what is going on!