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Lurking the boards


Hi everyone Smile
I've been lurking around on the boards for a while now, and figured it was time to say Hi to everyone. I just posted over on the TOC board, but DH and I have decided that starting in May we're going to TTC our first!
So, I thought I might as well head over and lurk around this board as well.

We're 28 & 29, and after living apart for 2 years (DH was doing his Masters degree, so we did the long distance thing) we've just bought our first home and move in 3 weeks, and hopefully we'll be adding a little one to our house in early 2013 Smile

~ JO

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Hi Jo! Welcome to I think you will find (as we have) that this is a great group of ladies! I'm glad that you've decided to share your TTC journey with us and I hope that it's short and sweet for you. Please feel free to jump into any conversation anywhere around here! Congrats on your new home!


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Welcome! you know what they say.... new house, new baby!!!!

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"glwolf" wrote:

Welcome! you know what they say.... new house, new baby!!!!

Hope this is true for you! Good luck!