Maybe odd question but ... butt ache?

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Maybe odd question but ... butt ache?

I'm around 4-5 days before AF and although I have been having other symptoms today my lower back and knees have been aching and also, my butt cheeks!

Has anyone else ever had this symptom? The kind of ache it is, is that muscle ache you tend to feel the day after exercising too much, but ll I have done is sleep and sit on my bum before it came on!

I do get period pains but I have never had anything that feels like this and also I have never had them before AF, only the day after starting. ( O _ o )

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Last month I had lower pain that radiated towards the tops of my butt cheeks. It was weird for sure. Could be a pregnancy symptom. You should test tomorrow. You are close enough to maybe get a positive. I'm a test pusher...sorry. Wink