miscarage 4 weeks ago.. to early to be pregnant?

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miscarage 4 weeks ago.. to early to be pregnant?

Hello Ladies.. Heres a breif history of me.. im 22yesr old TTC. I Found out in Dec 2010 I was pregnant. It was unexpected and very scared but we soon got use to the idea and became excited. By the end of january I had a miscarrage calld a blighted ovraum(sorry about my spelling) I had a D&C as i was going on vacation 3 days later and didnt want anything to happen. We were broken but were really to "really" try this time. And to my suprise I found out I was pregnant on May 15. We were sooo excited!! after 4 very faint plus signs i got a blood test that confirmed my pregnany. exactly one week later (may 22) i started bleeding and cramping badly and went to the ER were they said i was having an eary miscarrage ("chemical pregnancy") once again we felt crushed. so here i am 4 weeks and one day later. my period has always been on schedule for as long as i can remember.. is it true you still ovulate 14 days from the first day for a chemical pregnancy.. I know we had unprotected sex several times.. i should of got my period yesterday but have not.. about a week/week in a half ago i had cramps and felt like my uterous was kinda being squeezed and or streched but not to bad. I also have some breast tenderness and my nipples are somewhat sore. I have some little white dots things on them to ( i know TMI) And i had so much salavia in my mouth its crazy! which was always an early symptom for me in the past. and just a little bit of tiredness and a little faintish at time. yesterday i took a clear blue pregnancy test that lookd like a verly light positive. i mean very light.. than i took a digital one (also clear) this morning at it was a negative.. I'm going crazy and just want to know!!! Is it to early to tell yet? what do you ladies think? any clues to what might be going with me? do you think i really am pregnant?

Thanks for all your help in advace!!

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Welcome to pg.org. I'm sorry to hear about your recent m/c. To answer your question, it's not too early for you to be pg again. A doctor will be able to confirm for sure, and with your recent m/c, it might be a good idea to see a doctor as soon as you can get in. Good luck, I hope you have a sticky bean there!