Missing the Boat

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Missing the Boat

DH flew out today to go on a dove hunting trip, which I was not thrilled about. I hate our little family being split up, and I hate him flying. I especially hate it because he flew with his friend who has a plane and his pilot's license. AHHHHHH! The worst part is that he's going to more than likely be gone while I'm ovulating. This is the first month we are able to try since the removal of my Mirena. I know. What's one month? I was just excited to get the show on the road. Sad Don't you just hate missing the boat?

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Yep! Sure do hate it! I was out of town last cycle. This cycle DH was out of town during the prime days. Waiting for next cycle to start where we should have a chance, but the cycle after that DH will probably be gone (he has a 6 week course he has to do). Add that to the fact that we're fertility challenged, it could very well be another 3 years (what it took for DS) before we have a BFP. Stupid boat. Blum 3

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Maybe you'll get lucky and he'll be back in the nick of time. . .

It really sucks to miss an opportunity, especially when you are so excited about it. It doesn't really matter how long you've been TTC, once you decide you want a baby, you want it ASAP and missed opportunities SUCK!

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That is frustrating.