Multiple ovulations?

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Multiple ovulations?

Okay, I was complaining before that my opks last cycle said I ovulated not even a week before period started...but now I'm taking temps and fertility friend is saying I ovulated 2 days after my period ended. Maybe I'm ovulating more than once in a cycle?? I'm really curious to see where the temps go from here.

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I guess I'm not seeing the chart you are talking about, but don't think you'd be Oing twice in a cycle. You can however O at any point during your cycle. Considering the average LP is 14 days if you count backwards 14 days from when AF started you should be able to get within 2 or 3 days of your actual O date. (Did that make sense?) So, if you count backwards 14 days from the start of your period and that lands you two days after your previous period ended, then that is most likely around the time you O'd. Do you normally have short cycles?

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I've heard you can O twice but I think it's pretty rare. It's also possible to have a LH surge and not O so that could be what's happening. I know of a few people who will get nearly positive or positive OPKs a few times in a cycle and not O. It's like their bodies are trying to O but it can't quite get there for some reason. Hopefully this is not the case for you though and you did O and it just happened to be a wonky cycle or something. Good luck!