My appointment today...

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My appointment today...

So today I went to my GP to talk about TTC and my endometriosis.

Firstly, she agrees with the gynecologist that my endo should not effect my ability to conceive. She explained that my endo is most severe on my bowel, bladder and under my rib cage (odd?) and less severe on my tubes and overies. This is the most info I've been given so far regarding my endo which is positive. What do you ladies think? Does that sound like a viable explanation as to why they believe it shouldn't effect me TTC?

She also wanted me to give TTC right now a second thought until after my surgery which should be in April, she wants me to go back on OCP because while I am off of the pill my endo will only get worse. As well as that I would have to go back on the waiting list for my laparoscopy.

I don't want to go back on the pill though Sad besides the side effects of the pill I don't want to because I am being a bit immature and impatient...we've decided to try so I want to now. I want another summer baby as I don't get much work in the summer and the uni closes over summer so any of my masters that I continue to do will be home based anyway. (btw summer for us is your winter dec-feb)

Am I being silly? Sorry for venting, DH is an architect and he is under huge pressure with the rebuild of our city after the earthquake. He's not much good to talk to right now as all he can think about is work. He did briefly say though 'nah don't go on back on the pill' lol.

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I dont have any knowledge on the topic, but keeping fingers and toes crossed for you!!!

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I have to start by saying that I have NO experience with endo. After hearing the location of the tissue though it makes sense that they told you it shouldn't interfere with TTC. I could be completely off-base with my next comment, but isn't a lap the gold standard for finding endo tissue? Isn't there a chance there is some in a location that would interfere with TTC, but they can't see it with the diagnostic tools they are using?

Are they telling you that you are required to go on bcp now to prep for surgery in April? Tough place to be in when you have your heart set on TTC. I can understand your frustration!

If you don't start bcps and get pulled from the April list, what would be your deadline for pulling the plug on TTC while you wait to get back on the list? Are you thinking of just trying for a summer baby and if that doesn't work you'll go on bcps until surgery? Is it dangerous for the endo to be untreated in the current locations? Sorry you're in that position.

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I'm sorry your appointment did not go as you hoped. I know that when you decide to TTC, any delay is difficult.

I am curious, have you had a laparoscopy before? It that how they know where your endo is and how severe it is? Like Beth said, the only way to officially dx endo is with a laparoscopy, even though I think good doctors can be pretty certain ahead of time. Endo can interfere with conception mechanically (blockages in the tubes or adhesions preventing normal movement of the tubes). But as I understand it, there are also chemical effects from endo tissue that interfere with conception and implantation. I think that is why people who have mild endo (without adhesions) can still suffer infertility. I am definitely not an expert by any means, but that's what I have learned. You can probably get lots of info online about it. I am a bit perplexed that your team of doctors do not think endo can affect your ability to conceive-the info is all out there. That said, I think true endo specialists are hard to find.

I know it is possible to get pregnant with endo. But if you know you have it, and it can definitely be making your chances lower, I'd probably make getting the laparoscopy a priority. I really wanted to know what I was dealing with when I was in your position. I had to take an unwanted break during that time too. Plus, I've said this before, even though it didn't happen for me, so many people get pregnant naturally after a lap. Why do you have to be on birth control ahead of time? Even if you did, April is not THAT far away. It might be worth it in the end.

Good luck with your decision......keep us posted.

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Kara's right. Endo doesn't have to be on your ovaries or tubes to interfere with conception. Scientists aren't really sure why or how it happens, but fertility rates even for women with mild endo are lower than the general population - 7% vs 25%. There's some speculation that endo causes an increase of cells in your body which kill sperm and fertilized eggs. Basically it's an immune response (I believe?) almost like a mild allergy, and it has absolutely nothing to do with how much endo you have or where it is. Conception rates for women with the mildest endo are just over 1/4 the fertility rates of the population as a whole. That's a huge difference.

Endo isn't always the cause of infertility, but if you have endo you pretty much have to assume it's lowering your fertility.

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That's exactly what I thought regarding the endo effecting fertility! Everything I read suggests this but the drs here seem to think that there is no real evidence for this? It makes me feel like they would just rather not acknowledge it o they don't have to spend the money to help me...

I had my first lap in December but I need another as they didn't have enough time as it was more widespread than they expected so this time I have to go in for an overnight stay instead of day surgery.

She didn't say that I HAVE to go back on BCP but she said I need to think carefully about it as if I get pregnant I will lose my spot on the waiting list (not that it sounds like I have much chance at that happening anyway. She also said that without the BCP my endo my get worse between now and April. So I only lose my spot if I actually get pregnant. It's more that she's suggesting that I'm being Irresponsible or I?

I don't know what to do...I don't want to make my endo worse and if the chances of me conceiving are low anyway until after the lap should I just o back on BCP to make them happy?

Thanks o much for your help and advice ladies!

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Mandy, I don't have any advice but I just wanted to let you know I am keeping my fingers crossed for you that you won't need the BCP or the appointment and you will end up pregnant soon! Smile

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How much does your endo interfere with your everyday life? I'll quote what my endo doctor says about this:

Q. I really want to get pregnant. Is it best for me to be treated for the endometriosis, or should I just try to get pregnant? - Lynn

A. Only you can answer that question. However, some general guidelines may help. If you have mild symptoms, or no symptoms at all, there is no reason to rush to surgery. If your symptoms are debilitating, surgery will help relieve them and may enhance your chances for conception. In between, you might use the following scenario as a tool:

Picture yourself on the worst day of your cycle. Now add a crying, hungry, wet, crabby infant to the mix. If you see yourself coping well, choose pregnancy. If you see yourself in too much pain to care for your baby properly, then you need to get yourself feeling better first.

I'll say that for me, I probably should have had the surgery first. I ended up having the lap because I couldn't take care of my daughter effectively. The pain was just too great. But I was able to delay my symptoms for a very long time after she was born because I breastfed for a long time. I'd say that unless your endo is just horrible, don't start the BC. If you get pregnant, just go ahead and reschedule your surgery for 6 months or a year after your baby is born. The endo isn't going to grow while you're pregnant, and you can either BF like crazy or go back on BC after the baby's born. And if your endo is that extensive, there's not that much chance of getting pregnant anyway. Why would you want to lose that time? JMHO Smile