My weird story...xposted from June 2012

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My weird story...xposted from June 2012

This sounds like something that happens in a movie. I threw out all the pg tests I used this month, I had just stuck them all back in the box and threw the whole thing away. I forgot about the last one I took though, because I had tucked it behind some stuff in the medicine cabinet because I didn't want DH to know I took another test When I took the test, I watched it right away to see if a line appeared (with DS, it showed up immediately, it didn't take 3 minutes) and of course there was no line. I hid it in the medicine cabinet intending to come back and look again later, but I guess I never did, because I just found it still hidden in the cabinet Anyway, of course when I found it I looked again and guess what...THERE WAS A SECOND LINE! It reminds me of a scene in a soap opera or something where a woman takes a pregnancy test, it's negative, she throws it in the trash, and then the camera pans in to show it turn positive as she leaves the room. It doesn't actually matter, because AF ended up coming a day late (a bit lighter than normal, actually, very slow to start and it never got heavy like it usually does, but not light enough for me to entertain any illusions about the possibility of still being pg). But, I had been thinking I was a crazy person because I really felt pg and was so convinced I was. I couldn't believe I had been so delusional! I still kept having symptoms for a few days after AF started (which I thought was weird if I had been imagining them), but they faded and now are gone completely. Bummer that it didn't stick, but I feel a little more secure in my sanity now!

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That definitely does sound like a movie or soap opera! But, on a serious note, I'm hoping that next month will be the month for you!


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Maggie, I completely understand this story! A similar thing happened to me the first month we were TTC. I was probably only 8DPO or so which I realize now I probably shouldn't have even bothered testing but I just felt so awful I was sure I was pregnant. Aside from how I felt physically I just "knew" that I was. It was the strangest thing since I've never been pregnant before but I just knew. So I took a dollar store test and it was positive. Not an evap, it was a faint but clear pink line. I started spotting the next day and ended up spotting for 8 days I guess. It was definitely much lighter than my normal period and it wasn't bright red blood so I kept hoping there was a chance I was still pregnant. My doctor could never confirm that I had in fact been pregnant because whatever had happened was over with by the time I got to them and my beta was negative. However when I heard about chemical pregnancies I felt a little better because I realized I wasn't insane after all and something probably did happen and that feeling that I was pregnant was not insanity but was probably very real.

I'm sorry you had to go through this but I understand how in a way it helps you feel a little better. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you this month! Good luck! Smile

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A similar thing happened to me actually with this pregnancy. I took an IC and it was initially negative. I just waited for the control line to appear since with DD the second line was immediate. Well I left the test and then came back to find it sitting there a while later. I went to throw it away and did a little double take when I saw the second line. At this point it was past the time limit, but I've dug countless pg tests out of the trash and never had that happen before. When I took another test the next morning, I watched the test anxiously and it took the full 3 minutes for the line to appear. It was nuts.

I'm sorry that yours didn't stick. Hopefully, you will get a sticky bean really soon!

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Crazy. I have taken many a negative test and even when I look at them later, I've never seen a positive. So you probably did have a really early chemical. Those tests are sensitive!

Hope this month you get a keeper BFP!