Need Advice about TTC

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Need Advice about TTC

So as a background since I have not really posted since the gals were born in March 2012: I have PCOS and had to have assistance to get pregnant with the lil ladies. 20.5 months later, we are on the fence about starting to TTC again. We know we want one more, but the question is when. We feel like we want them relatively close together so we can be DONE, since both of us work full time.

About late August, we decided that we would get off BC so that we could start fertility treatment in July 2014 (you have to be off of it ~ 1 year for insurance to pay). We chose July b\c my best friend's wedding is in June. Then about 6 weeks ago, my sister told me she was expecting and joked that I should be pregnant with her. I am very happy for her, but it did get us to start thinking. Then one week later I got AF, WHICH is a miracle since I have PCOS and never get it on my own. It made us even more on the fence about just trying now. I haven't gotten it since (CD 36), so I am now assuming that was a fluke.

At this point we're JLIH, but I made an appointment with my GYN. I am now wondering if I should ask for a trial run with clomid/BDing just to see what happens? Or do I wait just wait to July to start fertility assistance/treatment and just see if anything happens in the meantime?

Major advice needed!!!

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Hi! What are the plus/minus of starting now vs. later? does it cost money to do either option? does your doc think you'd have a chance to get pregnant with just clomid?