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New to the board

Hey all! I'm Megan. I'm new to the TTC board but not new to I think I'm officially moving from the TOC board! SCARY! I just had my Merina out 2 weeks ago and we are JLIH until August and September when we will be very aggressively TTC. I really want a summer baby so I am home with him/her all summer. (I teach BTW)

DD is Lexi, she will be 3 August 1st and DS is Zayne who is 18 months old.

Can't wait to meet everyone here!

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Hi, just wanted to welcome you to the TTC board! I am new to & this board, so its nice to have someone around who's familiar with the site. I hope your ttc plans go according to plan & I look forward to getting to know you!

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Hi and Welcome! I am new to this board as well & I also just had my IUD removed, last week to be exact. Good Luck and I look forward to getting to know you!


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Welcome to the TTC board ladies!!!! The ladies on this board are sooooo nice !!! Hopefully you guys are successful in making little people!!