New to the fourms and TTC :)
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Thread: New to the fourms and TTC :)

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    Default New to the fourms and TTC :)

    Hi everyone-

    A little back story on me... my husband and I got married in June; we decided we wanted to TTC right away so I stopped taking the pill at the end of July. I didn't get a period so I was put on Provera and got it for about a day and a half (if that!). I haven't gotten one since and I've been tracking my ovulation. I don't have a picture but all of my days are pretty much the same looking; all lines are a little lighter than the control line. My doctor told me after 30 days of tracking that and not seeing a positive she will bring me in for blood work. What all will she be testing for? I'm new to all of this and not necessarily sure what to be expecting? I know it's very early to be worrying about anything but I'm just curious as to what to expect!

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    It can take time for your body to adjust to not being on the pill. I'm sure your doc will do tests for things like your thyroid and other hormones. I hope things regulate for you soon! And welcome! Are you using an online chart program?

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