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    Default New here

    I am kind of TTC #2, I have a 2.5 year old son. DH and I are planning to officially TTC this fall, our 4 year anniversary is this week and I am ovulating, so not sure if we will prevent or not. Would be kind of cool to have an anniversary baby. But I have some new job prospects and I'm not sure getting pregnant a week before I might get a new job is the greatest idea. Probably we'll wait until next month to start. With my son, I didn't track my temp or chart, but I have very regular cycles and did try to pay attention to when I was likely to be ovulating. Got pregnant on the first try, basically (we kind of tried the month before, but totally missed the "hot zone" and we knew it, so...) It worked last time, so I hope it does this time too.
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    Hi Maggie
    Sorry for such a late response.
    This board is kind of quiet at the moment...not always like this.
    and I met some really good friends here when I first joined this site.

    The pic of your LO is gorgeous..he is beautiful!!!

    I get you with the new job prospects and such...I am on a break from ttc officially as I can concieve but not carry for some we were told to wait a couple of months...I am visiting a couple of the ladies I met here in we will wait til I have come back from the States.... plus I am looking for a new job and am waiting on a yes to a trial day..or a

    It would be cool to have a anniversary baby reckon see what happens...if its fate its fate!!!

    Oh and happy anniversary too!!!!
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    Welcome to JLIH! This board is rather quiet and slow right now. I know what you mean about getting pregnant before a new job. An Anniversary baby would be cool though
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    I'm late chiming in... but

    Hopefully you and some of the other Jan 09 TTCers will get this board hopping again. I started my journey here and I'm a 2x graduate.

    You already know me and I've already said how excited I am for you to be starting TTC again... but I'm super duper excited to stalk more Jan 09 moms.
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    Hi! I'm new here too!
    An anniversary baby would be cool! My first is almost an anniversary baby - missed it by a week!

    keep us posted!
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