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New here

Hey I havent been here since before I conceived my youngest son. We are trying for our 3rd child. I had Mirena removed on April 2. I had my first period on May 11. I was hoping that I would get pregnant after the first period like we did with our 2nd but I got Aunt Flo yesterday. So i am really bummed. My sister is getting married next May. We want to have another child but I would like to have a baby before my sisters wedding! Anyways, The only thing I have been using to predict when I am ovulating is the ovulation calendar. Thats what helped us last time. But last time we had mirena removed after 9 months. This time it was over 2 years so I am not sure if it will take longer. Any other tips are welcomed!! I would really like to have a baby before my sisters wedding but if not I will just be a pregnant matron of honor! lol

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Just wanted to say welcome back. I haven't been on since my two year was born so I'm in a similar boat. My cycles are always very irregular coming off the pill. Sounds like you have much better luck seeing as AF came as scheduled. Good luck on this being the last visit from AF for at least another 9 months! Smile

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Hi! We are only in our second month TTC and DD was a bit of a surprise (Got pregnant the first month we stopped preventing by pure luck on day 60 of a VERY long cycle) so I don't have any suggestions really but good luck and nice to meet you!

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Hi!! I've been here on and off for years! I first started hanging out here in 2008 after we'd been trying for a year. We finally got pregnant in January of 2010 and had our daughter and then then a son. I'm now in the process of wearing my DH down to try for a third.

Welcome!! I look forward to sharing your journey with you.

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Hi Nichole, I am also "new" here. Like you, I used to be a part of these boards during my first two pregnancies. Nice to meet you and I wish you luck on your journey!

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Nice to meet you to chirishhope! good luck to you to!

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Hi ladies I am coming up to a year of ttc #3 we had a m/c back in oct my first two pregnancies we got pregnant on the first try so this has been frustrating and a little worrying

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Hi Nichole!!
New here as well -- TTC our first! We are taking my DH's brothers, their wives, and 3 of our nephews to Disney in June 2014.. so I am sooo hoping this is our month.. Otherwise, well, I don't want to think about it lol. But I do totally understand where you are coming from!! Good luck in TTC #3!!!

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thanks Good luck to you to!!