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Hi my name is Dee and I am new here. I currently have 3 beautiful children and after 5 years have decided to start trying for our 4th. I am in my 30's and my last baby was born with a birth defect so i am a bit nervous what might happen this time, but we want to add another miracle to our family. Also just had my mirena removed after 5 years and wondering how long it has taken others to get pg after having it removed. Our first two kids we weren't trying at all and got pg, our third I was on the nuva ring and removed it and a month later was pg. So not getting pg right away will be very weird. Any advice, thanks!

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Welcome! I don't have personal experience with the mirena but I've heard of others taking a while for true fertility to return. I would suggest you start basal temping and using ovulation tests to help determine when you are ovulating again.

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Hi and Welcome!! I've never had the Mirena but my understanding is that fertility is supposed to return quickly. Of course, that may be different in practice. I hope you get pregnant right away so you can start your journey. I look forward to hearing more from you about your journey.


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hi and welcome!