New here, but not really ;-)

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New here, but not really ;-)

Hey Ladies!

So side note- really sad that these boards are dying out Sad I lived here in 2007 while I was pregnant with my first, my DD who will be 7 (what!?) in December. Let's recruit people Smile

So as I said, I was here in 2007 back when I was 22/23 and pregnant with my first. It's been an interesting 7 years- her dad and I split when she was 10 months old. Unfortunate at the time, but necessary and everything has worked out for the best. I met my fiance a few months later and we have been together about 5 yrs, including some "off" moments (like I said, "interesting"). I bought a house last year and we got engaged in December, and we have decided to stop preventing and throw caution to the wind Smile We are getting married 10/10/14 and my DD will be the flower girl.

Really looking forward to sharing this time with everyone here. I have just stated temping/charting for the first time ever- honestly its stressing me out a little. I hope #2 comes along easily, however Im a little worried because hubs takes a few medications for chronic health issues.

Sio Smile

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Welcome and good luck! I also started here in 2007 with DD (although I mainly lurked then). I became active with my July 2010 boy, and came back for #3 (which isn't happening quickly). It's painfully slow for sure. There's more action on the monthly boards, for those of us "board hopping"