New Parent to Be - have no clue when my due date is

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New Parent to Be - have no clue when my due date is

I keep reading that to calculate your due date/how far you are, you need to know the first day of your last period. This is where I get lost....

March 25th was the first day of my last period.
April 24th, I started spotting and I spotted for 4 days.

Which one would I calculate from? March 25th?

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Your OB will likely do a dating ultrasound. If you think the spotting in April was a period, then I'd go with that date, but if you think it was something else then I would use the March date. When is your first appointment? I'll be curious to find out when your EDD is.

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I agree with Anna. Your OB would do a dating ultrasound to confirm either dates. When I was pregnant with DD, I still had spotting which could be confusing. Keep us posted on what you find out! And, congratulations! Smile