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Hello Smile

My name is Chenelle and my husband and I recently decided to get off of birth control pills and take the plunge to start a family! We are so excited to start this journey and while doing some browsing on the internet, I came across this site and thought I would like to join in! Smile

So, hope everyone doesn't mind me jumping right in Biggrin

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This is an awesome site to hang around on before, during and after TTC, on and upwards thru pregnancy and kids as well.

Browse all the boards and post any questions or concerns you may have no matter how silly they may seem.


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Welcome! I'm ttc #3 but this is the first round for posting on the ttc board. It's so great to be able to chat with others who are goin through the same thing as you. Good luck!

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Welcome. I'm new to the TTC board too. I'm so excited for you.

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YAY WELCOME NEW PEOPLE! has definitely decreased in numbers over the years and it's been really sad. This site got me through soo much and still does. Welcome Welcome Welcome and I hope the best for you ladies. (((Baby Dust)))

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Hi, I'm new here too. Wishing everyone luck with ttc and looking forward to chatting and following everyone's journeys Blum 3