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Newbie =]

Hello girls! My name is Kali and I am 25, DH is 30 and we are TTC #1. I work in IT for a large healthcare system and DH is an orthopedic implant sales rep. We are both very excited to begin this journey and start our family. We just recently celebrated our first year of marriage this May.

I look forward to getting to know everyone and learning lots of good stuff!

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Hi kali and welcome! Hope your TTC journey is short and sweet!

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Hi newbie! Welcome. I hope you have a short and happy TTC journey. I'm glad you've decided to share it with us. This is a great site with lots of great ladies!

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Welcome and good luck! Smile

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Welcome to the board! Biggrin Hope you have a short road to your BFP Smile

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Welcome! Smile Good Luck Smile Sending :blowingdustblue: :blowingdustpink:

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Welcome, and good luck! Keep us updated on your journey! Hope you get your BFP soon!