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Newbie after 3 Years

I was regular member of this board 3 years ago when I was trying to conceive for my first one.
Now here I am again while trying for conceiving second one.
While last ttc, I had problem of short luteal phase when doctor prescribed me progesteron suppository I conceived.
Now I am again experiencing same short luteal phase (7 days) issue.
I first thaught I will try natural remedies like vitex and vitamin B. but instead of helping with lengthing luteal phase it delayd my ovulation to 30th day.
So I scheduled appointment with endocrinologist. She did some bloodwork and now I am dignossed with PCOS (FSH/LH ratio = 1:3).
So doctor prescribed me metformin 500 mg.
but I started it 2 days after my ovulation.
not sure what are chances that it will work in this cycle. hoping for best.
looking for metformin success stories. Smile

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Hi and welcome back to the board Smile I do not know much about Metformin, but I just wanted to stop by and say :goodluck: and I hope you don't have to wait too long for your BFP! Smile

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I don't have any metformin stories, but want to welcome you and wish you the best of luck! Smile

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Welcome back! I have not used Metformin, but I wanted to drop a hello! Good luck and let us know how it goes!