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Not sure where to post

Hi Smile

I posted this in do you see a line as well but I'm not sure where it belongs as we aren't trying..

I'm not a new poster and had an account on here eons ago but can't remember the log in info so I had to create a new account :/

I'm sorry, I just don't know where else to post for info..

Last cycle I had one day of light bleeding and one day of no flow but there when I wiped bleeding and that was it. It was also earlier than usual on CD 28 as opposed to 32.

I am now on CD 35 of this cycle. Tested on CD 33 and 34 and BFNS both times which I expected as dh had a vasectomy last summer after we had our 6th miscarriage.

I have tingly cramps and heavy breast that are bulging out of my bra (never have this issue) and no sign of AF. Normally I have a day of spotting 1-2 days before and nothing.

What are your thoughts? I know it's unlikely with the vasectomy and BFNs but what else could be causing this??

Thanks for your help!

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might be worth going in to the doctor to take a blood test and talk to them about what's going on. How old are you? Is it possible that you are approaching menopause early? Are you stressed or major changes in your life? Those can cause weird cycles too.

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I agree with Mel. I would go to the dr. Please KUP if you can. I hope you start feeling better.