November check in

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November check in

Where is everyone in their cycles? How are you feeling?

Me, I'm CD 16 and as far as I can tell, haven't o'd. However I've had EWCM and temp is still down - so maybe today's the day? It's frustrating though bc my cycle was 24 days last month - so to not have o'd yet is such a difference!

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I had a ton of O pain yesterday, along with bloating, headache and fatigue. Was gone by last night. I'm CD14 today, possibly 1DPO.

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I'm CD10 - just waiting to O Smile

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Ok, so I'm somewhat new to "knowing" my "o" cycle. I started my period yesterday…a doozy! I've always been 28 days, like a clock. But this past year I've gone to 26 days. Well this time I was 29 days. I do have the IC ovulation sticks so I guess I'll start checking about 10 days after my period started?
Am I CD 2 today? And does C stand for cycle?

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I'm waiting for my body to catch up and realise that af should arrive now the progesterone has stopped. Temp dropped below cover line today so af should arrive today. Then I can start another iui cycle, this time with clomid in the mix.

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Just started my 2ww!!! Fingers crossed!

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Good luck!!!
Baby dust your way