ok... sooooo?!?

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ok... sooooo?!?

So we're trying to up our chances of a girl. This is the first full month I've been paying attention. I have no idea how long my usual cycle is so... My LMP was July 18 ish (weird spotting started july 16). My women's log ap predicted fertility starting around July 28th, and ovulation the 1st. So we BDed 28th-1st (daily)... I was out of town 2-5. I Opked 28 and 29 but were negative (I think they were getting darker but who knows). I never got a + opk. So the 4th I had a very tight feeling in my abdomen (like after an intense workout ~ which it wasn't) while laying on the floor prone. The cat has been following me around like crazy too. But then today I think I have EWCM (stretchy and wet) but opk is still very negative ....

So, if we are trying for a girl should we BD or not? I know (I think) that you're supposed to BD BEFORE you ovulate but I can't remember how much before.


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I have read that you are supposed to BD before O because girly sperm lives longer. But if you BD on O day, boy sperm has a better chance bc they are swim faster. Of course this is not an exact science. Good luck though!

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"Exact Science" or not, I found this helpful - I'm going for a girl, too! LOL

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The idea (as you know) is that because the 'girly' sperm live longer but are slower swimmers and the 'boy' sperm swim faster but die sooner that you can increase your chances of one or the other based on when you BD in correlation with when you O. Obviously not an exact science, but I agree worth the effort if you are willing to make it. I remember reading somewhere (:roll: I know, I just can't remember where since it was a while ago) that 2 to 3 days before O was best to increase chances of a girl.