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Old but new

Hello my name is Latoya aka Toya, I was active on this site in 2008 when I got my bfp with my daughter up until giving birth in 09. I havent been active since having her and the 2009 board that I was on is not active so here I am AGAIN :p. I thought 1 and done when I had my daughter but now I have baby fever.

I got the mirena in 09-13, it was imbedded in my uterus and had to be removed, not surgically(thank goodness). I was then put on the mini pill. I have stopped the mini pill 10/17 and still havent seen a period, I am currently on cycle day 38. I had a period 10/9-15. I took a hpt on 11/5 and it was negative. I have some brown spotting nov 1 & 2, thought it was AF but it stopped. I just emailed my doctor because I am confused. When I was taking the mini pill if I missed a day or didnt take at the same time everyday AF was there right away now its nothing. Anyhow just wanted to introduce myself.

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Welcome back!

Let us know what the doc says. It's so frustrating. Hoping you land your bfp soon!

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Welcome and good luck!

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Thanks Ladies! I am still waiting to hear back from doctor, I want to POS sooooo bad but im going to hold off

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Welcome!! I lookf forward to taking this journey with you!

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welcome back! When in 2009 was your DD born? I have a son who was born at the end of June 2009.