One year mark

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One year mark

In a couple of weeks it will mark 1 year since I have stopped taking birth control pills. I cannot believe how fast this time has went. I will never forget how my dh and I were so sure we would get pregnant within a couple of months from getting off of the birth control. Man were we naive...

I'm not looking forward to that year mark...It really makes me feel as though I will never be able to have children Sad

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I can't even imagine how hard that is. I really don't know that there is anything I can say to help, but just know that I'm rooting for you, and here if you need a "virtual" shoulder to cry on. It'll happen. Don't give up hope! (((hugs)))

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I know how you feel sweetie. I was so convinced we would have no trouble at all and I would get pregnant easily. HA! The BFN really hit me in the face this morning. The whole process is so exhausting to go through over and over and it's hard not to be discouraged...dang near impossible sometimes. Here is something positive that may help though. If you know you don't have any fertility issues or anything like that and you're nearing your year mark it should happen very soon. That's pretty standard for most people apparently, especially if you came off of birth control. I believe it will happen for you very soon!

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As someone who has hit the 1 year mark I completely understand how much it hurts. I wish there was something I could say to make you feel better. Just know that you've got some support here and we're hoping to see a BFP soon!

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It's so hard, isn't it? It took us 6 months to get pregnant the first time, but we lost that baby and the next one. After that, it was a full year before I got pregnant again. All in all, it was 22 months from the time we got married to when I got pregnant with DD. And this time around, it's already been 19 months.

I'm always so sad when I see my friends deciding to wait to have children. I want to take them by the shoulders and shake them and say, "It's not always easy to have babies! Take advantage of your more fertile years while they're still here!" Because there seems to be this idea in our society that it's only the birth control that's keeping women from getting pregnant every single time they DTD. But that's just not true. Fertility problems are common, and even when you're perfectly healthy the chances of getting pregnant any one month are only about 25%.

I know it feels like you'll never have a baby. I remember that feeling all too well. But most women do get pregnant on their own, even if it takes years. And it can't hurt to see a fertility doctor once you've hit the one year mark. Sometimes it's an easy fix that can have you pregnant in no time. Other times it's a tough problem that takes a lot of treatments for you to get pregnant. Either way, it's better to start looking into the problem as soon as possible.

:bigarmhug: We're all rooting for you here. Feel free to vent as much as you need to!

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I feel you completely. It took us 19 months (got our BFP on the 19th month mark). Hang in there - it will happen. And, as I always say to people on here, it makes the BFP all the more special and worth it!!!

Good luck. T&P with you!


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Sorry, such a hard milestone to hit. Have you charted your BBT yet? If not, that is a good place to start to see if your cycles are normal and to make sure you are hitting the right timing.

I would also recommend seeing a fertility doctor now that its been a year. If there is a problem, hopefully you can uncover it and save yourself more time being worried and frustrated.

Hopefully it will just take a little more time.

Good luck!

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Thank you so much everyone for your kind words. Harmony, I completely agree with you about the not waiting to ttc. People don't understand that for most couples, you just don't get pregnant at the drop of a hat. So many people believe they will get pregnant the first time....and let's face it that just really doesn't happen 98% of the time.

Thank you all so much for letting me get my frustrations out, I appreciate all of your support :bighug: