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OPK Question

So as you can see by my new ticker, AF showed up this afternoon. I am planning on using OPK's this month because we are really going to try for a boy and I read that if you catch the egg ASAP your chances are higher for a boy. Any way, my question is... What day do you start testing with the OPK's???

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How long are your cycles generally? When I first started using them, I usually started testing around CD10 to make sure I wouldn't miss the surge. Mine are about 28 days...if you are shorter you may want to start earlier, if a lot longer you might want to wait a few days later. But, around CD10 is a good place to start.

The research is a bit iffy for using timing to try to get a boy or girl. But, I wish you luck and hope that you get lucky!

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CD 10 is a good time to start. If you have really regular cycles you can count backwards from CD1 fourteen days and that's where you most likely O. If your cycles are shorter than 28 days you might start the OPK's on CD8.

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Good luck with the timing! I think it's really just luck. Apparently there are TONS of factors into which sperm makes it. I've never used OPKs before, so I'm no help there.

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On the trying for boy part, the theory behind that is that the 'boy' sperm are faster swimmers, but they don't live as long and the 'girl' sperm live longer but swim slower. (but I'm sure you've read that already :D) That way if you BD right exactly when you are ovulating you up your chances of a boy. It's worth a try if you really want a boy, but I would still take it with a grain of salt.

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ditto what everyone else said! Good luck!!