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OPK question

I need a little help from those who use OPKs, I've never really used them before. I'm pretty sure I O'd on Sunday based on CM/CP, but I can't be sure since I'm not temping. I just got my ICs today in the mail. I peed on an OPK just to see and I got a line that is just barely negative.

My question is, is it normal to get a test that looks so close to positive AFTER you've already O'd? In your experiences, after your surge does the test line go away pretty quickly, or do your tests continue to be close to positive for a few days after?

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I've only ever gotten a few positive opks because my surge is so short. For instance, this cycle- I tested Friday

11 am: -opk (definite line, but negative)

3 pm: +opk.

9 pm: snow white -opk.

But I have heard of other ladies on here that have almost positive opks for days. I'm not sure if it was before or after O, though.

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I've actually had multiple near positives a whole week apart. I have no idea what gives with that, but just know you aren't alone.