Ovulating late - week before period?

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Ovulating late - week before period?

This was my first cycle using opks and it went constant smiley on the 28th of May so probably O on 29th. Since the frist day of last period was May 6th that said I ovulated on the 24th day of my cycle. Isn't that way late? So, then brown/red spotting started yesterday and more today. This makes me think my period is starting. Can I ovulate that late and now be starting my period at 7dpo? My cycles are abnormal because I just got off pill in January and have had cycles since as long as 42 days.

Anyone else have late ovulation? Anyone else get period a week after ovulation? Maybe opk is off?

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I have never used OPKs but before I had my daughter my cycles were very abnormal, long, and sensitive to stress in my life including my DH's absence. I would be getting fertile signs and then he would leave for a work trip and my temp would never spike and the signs would go away, then he would come back and after a few days my EWCM would come back and I would O. My daughter was actually conceived on cycle day 60 because I kept have that sort of situation occur repeatedly. I would have spotting occasionally with longer cycles but not usually that close to expected AF. I hope someone else can tell you more about OPKs.