Ovulation or Cyst?

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Ovulation or Cyst?

This is my first cycle of Clomid and I'm not taking OPKs this time because I was getting so stressed out with it before so I don't know for sure if I've ovulated yet or not, but I was wondering though if anyone here has taken Clomid before and had a lot of pain during ovulation and if so how you can tell the difference between ovulation and a cyst while on Clomid?

I've had giant cysts in the past and had surgery back in 06 for one that hemorrhaged, but this feels different than that. I was hurting yesterday enough that I thought I had a cyst but the pain never got worse from there, and DH and I were able to DTD without much discomfort. Typically with a cyst that would have been impossible. Also it's been about 24 since the pain started and it's almost completely gone now. I also got very bloated during this episode and my belly stuck out for a while and now it's mostly back to normal.

I think it was probably just ovulation but I'm just not sure...anyone had any experience with anything like this in the past? Thanks!