Peeping in to say "Hello"

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Peeping in to say "Hello"

MHello Ladies.....

My name is Laurie and even though I am not officially TTC my SO and I are " Not trying BUT not preventing" . I have two DS's Isaiah 3 and Jordan 11 from a previous relationship, and we both would love to add to our brood ( he has a 9yr old) but I think ideally we would love to be better settled before we really start TTC.
In the meantime I would love to hang out on this board and hopefully I will stay out of "lurkdom" and be an active member....Looking fwd to getting to know you ladies a lot more...and for all those already getting BFP's congrats and hopes for a HH9M!!!

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NTNP totally qualifies you for this board!! Welcome! Please check out our TTC Tips thread, sign up for the HOT SEAT, build a TTC Space!!

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Hi and welcome!

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I have MAJOR baby fever right now, but DH isn't as on board (it really isn't the best timing to say the least). So we're on the NTNP end of things too....with me REALLY hoping it happens. lol.

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Hi! We just started TTC this month. Good luck to you!

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Welcome! We are ttc too! I have major baby fever, and I've started collecting baby items so that when we do get pregnant I won't have as much to get. We have bouncy seat, Changing table pad, Crib Mattress, Breast Pump (Medela), All breast pump accessories, Bought the bassinet today and all the bassinet sheets. All that's really left is buying a new crib, a new carseat, a crib set, and small things. Smile