Purchasing Online?

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Purchasing Online?

What websites do people use to purchase ovulation and pregnancy tests online?

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I ordered some stuff from there a few years ago when I was TTC.

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They have some OPKS for crazy cheap, pregnancy tests too.

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I've always used Amazon.com for mine.

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I think my last batch was saveontests.com (a Canadian company). I've used the early-pregnancy-tests.com ones, too.

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I used to use AccuratePregnancyTests.com but then I started using Amazon.com when I saw how cheap they were. Last time I got them from Amazon I got 40 OKP's and 10 HPT's for $10, if you have Amazon Prime from their Amazon Mom's program you get free 2 Day shipping. If not I think they still offer free shipping but it may take a week to get.