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Qotd - 02/05/12

Are you watching the Superbowl today? Do you do anything for Superbowl Sunday (party, tailgating, eating certain foods, etc.)?

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Nope. I do not enjoy sports at all. DH might flick between the game and other stuff, but I will be on the computer or reading so I won't be paying any attention. And the Superbowl is really not as big a deal here in Canada as it is in the states, don't get me wrong, I'm sure lots of people watch it and the sports bars will be full, but it seems to be not as important to us as other sporting events (Stanley cup, Olympics, etc.)

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I'm the same as Amber, DH and I really arn't into sports. DH will probably watch just because it is the superbowl, but I will be on the computer or reading and maybe watching the superbowl commercials.

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I agree with Amber, and since we're in Canada we don't even get the cool commercials Sad DH usually watches it but I'm not into it. This year he's in Halifax for meetings so he's watching it and DD got to control the romote tonight LOL, I'm not much of a TV watcher at all.

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We're watching it right now just cause DH wanted to watch it a bit. I've been on the computer and walking around the house getting steps on my pedometer...you can tell how much I care about it. Lol. I've also been doing laundry. I hope the Patriots win for my step dad's sake cause he really likes them. Also even DH hasn't really been watching it. He decided to do the taxes around half time which was a good call cause the half time show was awful. Lol.