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Qotd 1/13/12

How often do you clean out your fridge?

Bonus question: Does Friday the 13th make any difference to you? Are you superstitious about it?

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Once a week I go through it and throw away anything old, expired, etc. I do this as I'm making up my menu for the following week. I don't wipe it down but every few months. I probably won't wipe down this fridge till we go to move out I'm sure. Nothing has spilled in it and it looks good. lol.

Not superstitious at all about Friday the 13ths.

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That's DH's job ROFL

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Once a week - the night before garbage day!

I've gone back and forth over the years about friday the 13th, today I wasn't even thinking about it and stuff was going wrong so maybe there's something to it.....

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Prob once a week as well.. One of my biggest pet-peeves is when people have old food in their fridge... so I empty stuff at least once a week or maybe twice.. then I probably "scrub" it only every couple of weeks- usually when we go grocery shopping I'll scrub it and arrange it all nicely.

Umm it never meant anything before but now that I found out I was having a M/C on friday the 13th I might start to be more supersticious!!!

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I clean out my fridge a couple of times a month.....but we don't usually have left overs as my husband will take them for lunch the next day and I will clean spills as they happen.

It was Friday the 13th??? It doesn't bother me either way!

I'm sorry Lemonlemon to hear about your loss......:(