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QOTD 12/29

When you do laundry, do you fold each load and put it away as it gets done or do you pile it all somewhere and then fold and put away when it's all washed?

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I usually fold it as it gets done, pack it into a neat pile, and then put everything away once all loads are done.

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I usually end up dumping it all on the bed till it's all done then fold everything at the same time. Right now I've got a basket of clothes that can out of the dryer 2 days ago sitting in my room..... Laundry is one of the tasks I dislike the most. Not so bad when I was home all the time but now that I work FT I can't stand doing it! DH helps but he's not a big fan of it either so we both procrastinate.

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I'm so bad at laundry. I try to put away each load but most of the time I put 2-3 in a basket before it gets folded. Working FT and a 2 year old is my excuse. Although my DD is a good one because she trys to "help" by picking up and "putting away" (throwing back in the basket:popped:) every piece you fold so it takes at least 2 folds for every item. It's easiest to do when she's napping.

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I fold each load as it's done. If I don't, it gets away from me and then we end up with mountains of wrinkled clean clothes as tall as me. Lol

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I fold each load as it's done and put it away. With my DH at home right now (he's a SAHD), I rarely do laundry though. My DH is bad about not folding or even remembering to bring the clothes back upstairs. I can't complain though. At least stuff is clean!