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Qotd - 4/16/12

Do you get pedicures? Why or why not?

Also, if you do, do you do any prep work beforehand? Such as cleaning under your toenails, clipping, or washing your feet?

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I've had a total of one pedi in my life. It was almost exactly two years ago for my cousin's wedding. Mainly, I'm just too cheap to spend the money on myself. My fingernails have always been a wreck, too. I like the way a mani/pedi makes someone else look though! If I splurge I go for a total body massage. Wink

Kind of funny you would ask this though because someone at work gave me a gift certificate to have a pedi done for my birthday last year (in Aug). Now that sandal weather is coming back (I hope!), I should go get one!

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I used to get them a lot before I had DD. I got one or two while pregnant but had to quit that quickly as I had a risk for preterm labor and pedis weren't helping any. Last time I got one done was in October when I went to visit my Mum and we went together. Like Beth, I have a hard time spending money on myself for things like that.

I try to remember to shave my legs before going if it's cooler weather and I'm more lazy about it. I will clean my toes a little bit if they're getting manly but other then that, I just let them do it.

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I have had a pedi done once. Like pp I just can't justify spending that type of money on myself. I paint my toe nails/fingernails myself Smile