QOTD - 5/29 - Tuesday

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QOTD - 5/29 - Tuesday

How did you meet your DH/SO?

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This is always a hard story to tell. We went to university together...I never knew that he went to school with me. But when I applied for my first job out of college, I got it and it was because he told the boss that he had a class with me and I was smart. So the boss that hired me said I should tell him thank you. So I thanked him and then I apologized because I never knew him in school. We were both in relationships and became work friends. He broke up with his GF at the time and my BF at the time was long distance. We went out one night to a brazilian dance club and disclaimered the outing with "I don't dance." But we got there and we danced and I just fell for him. I broke the long distance relationship, we both quit our jobs and moved to Los Angeles together. It was a rough and wild beginning but I wouldn't change it for the world.

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DH and I were in High School together Smile We took one class together and graduated in May of 2007. In May of 2008 we were re-introduced by my bestfriend and my now SIL at Denny's late one night. We spent hours talking about books. A couple weeks later I invited him over to watch movies with me at my parents and we had our first kiss. We were engaged 6 months later Smile