QOTD - 6/14

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QOTD - 6/14

How often do you change the sheets on your bed? And do you change the sheets or wash them and put the same ones back on the bed?

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It depends, although usually wash sheets every weekend. So once a week. We have a couple sets of sheets but I typically use only one because they are the nicest. However, when it rains and my dog jumps on the bed with wet paws, we change them and use another set, bc we don't do laundry except on weekends. There have been times where I've let them go 2 weeks when we've been busy. But since my dog sleeps with us, I like to try to do it once a week.

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Once a week and i wash and put the same ones back on because we only have one set, I need to get another but finding decent ones at a decent price is hard