QOTD - 7/11 Wednesday

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QOTD - 7/11 Wednesday

Do you drink coffee? If not, do you have some other beverage 'addiction'? AND do you have A coffee cup?

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I do drink coffee, and I don't know what a morning without it would be like. I also have 2 specific coffee cups that are MY coffee cups and nobody else drinks out of them. It was a set of 4, but 2 have been broken, so now I just have 2 left.

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Nope and nope and nope... I'm in the Process of kicking the soda habit. Been about a week and so far fine. Never liked the taste of coffee. We have a ton of cups though (tea and cocoa) but none that are assigned. A few that were bought for me.

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Ooooh, I LOVE coffee! I normally have two a day...unless hubby make cappuchinos, then I have three. Worse part of being PG has to be drinking decaf...but it's so worth it! As for mugs, we have a set that we use, so nothing super special. We use wine glass charms on the handle to tell our coffees apart. LOL

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I used to drink coffe and be addicted to it. Then I switched to hot tea and got addicted and I gave that up last month and now I just drink water and an occasional juice.

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I don't drink coffee, but I do like tea. When I drink tea, I use the biggest clean mug I can find. At work though, I do have A mug that I use.. I'm into the whole "communal dishes" thing in the staff room.

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Coffee, though lately i have cut down and this morning i ahd two mouthfuls before i didn't want anymore, a couple of weeks ago i was drinking three cups a day. No soecial cup, all our cups here at home are plain white and most ofnthe cups at work are as well. Iused tonhave my own cup at worknbecause at my old office you were expected to, but here someone stole it and no one uses special cuos really

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I love Iced Coffee. Ever try the International Delights Coffee House coffee that you get in the grocery store? It is soooo good and I am definitely addicted lol. I definitely have a mug that is mine and only mine that I use all the time Smile