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QOTD 8/10

How often do clean the inside of your car? Does it generally stay clean or does it get piled with stuff?

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piled with stuff! we clean it out when we can't stand it anymore or if e are getting ready to go somewhere/ have someone thats going to be riding with us

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I try to remind the kids to get their stuff out of the car everytime we get out, but that doesn't always work Blum 3 But I reallt do try to make an effort to keep it as clean as I can!

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Ugh! Ours gets BAD. I try to keep on top of garbage by using a reusable garbage bag in there. We don't eat out much anymore so that helps keep that sort of garbage out. We recently went on a road trip so I did a good clean out of the car then, but before that it had been a LONG time. There were crumbs everywhere. LOL

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My car is always a mess and i am so slack at cleaning it out. It's pretty bad after we have ended up with a lot if weekends out if town because i keep stuff in there for the next trip but then forget to take it out. Currently the back floor is full of jackets because they were all on the back of my chair at work and i bought them home but didn't have enough hands to bring them up with my bag, ds's daycare bag and lunch bag and ds.

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I keep the inside pretty clean except I put trash in the doorpanels and always forget to clean them out. It drives dh crazy! Lol

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I try to clean out my car once a month. It piles up so quickly, between random eating on the run, and my scrubs for work (which I tend to pull out on a weekly basis).

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it's okay...i wouldn't say it gets piled up, but it's not sparkling clean either. I also put kleenex and stuff in the door panels and it drives DH crazy as well. I try to vaccum and clean it about every other month....