QOTD 8/3

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QOTD 8/3

Do you make your bed every day?

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NO! Wish you could see it right now, the duvet is on the floor, pillows everywhere, and the sheet is everything short of tied in a knot. I make it when I change the sheets once a week, that's it!

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Rarely lol unless I'm just in the mood. My comforter just lays in a pile on the floor. I sleep with a sheet that gets balled up and thrown on the bed in the morning. I'm just not a morning person Smile

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Almost never. I do when I have guests and think they might pass the bedroom on the way to the bathroom. Right now its so hot that we are sleeping with only a sheet...

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We need questions like this more often.. Love that I'm not alone in my bed-making routine.

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If it were up to me I wouldn't! Haha, I leave very early for work and Andrew is home, and he always makes it when he gets up.