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QOTD 8/8

Do you flush the toilet EVERY time you go?

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I generally flush every trip, however since the bathroom is directly across the hall from DD's bedroom I don't flush during the night. DD has always been very high needs and a light sleeper so in an effort to keep things as silent as possible when she's sleeping I don't flush to avoid waking her. Since then I've started giving it 2 or 3 rounds before I flush to help conserve a little water. This is all for pee though - it's a must flush situation with #2! :goofy:

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I'm about the same as far as the night goes. I don't normally flush with fear of waking DD. In the day I flush though...we have 4 toilets so who knows how long it would sit there if I didn't. I'd hate for a guest to find a yellow toilet. LOL.

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Every time! It's probably force of habit now!

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We are a "if its yellow let it mellow" kind of family. We flush pee no more than 2x per day....at home that is. We are kind of hippy-ish and are serious about conserving water any way we can. At work I always flush Wink

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This subject cracked me up!
We are an 'everytime' family. LOL We live in a big neighborhood, in military housing, and I never know who is gonna show up or who my husband is gonna bring home for dinner at the last minute! (It happens!) So - everytime!

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This question made me LOL! The only time I don't flush right away is when I go right before getting in the shower. I flush when I get out... FH on the other hand has a terrible habit of not flushing pee, but he's a coffee drinker and the smell makes me gag at the best of times. I've been on his case to flush every time now, I'm queasy enough as it is this week.

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