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QOTD Mon Aug 15

What do you love most about your DH/SO?

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I love that no matter how tired he is at the end of the day, that he will come and take our DD's and play with them and spend time with them. Smile

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I love that he makes our family such a priority. He would rather spend time with me and DD than go out with his guy friends, and he never works overtime if he can help it. He always makes us feel like we're most important in his life. :love1:

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He is the most genuinely kind person I have ever known. Just a quality man all the way around. Ex: the other day he ran to Home Depot to pick something up and was a little late getting back. When he did I asked if he had trouble finding it. He said no, but when he was getting in his truck there was a woman with two small children trying to cram a screen door into her tiny car. He ended up driving the screen door in his truck to her house, AND installing it for her b/c he felt bad since she was a single mom and "it would have taken her hours, it took me 20 minutes." LOVE THAT MAN!!

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such great DHs!!

I love that DH can always make me laugh - usually at totally ridiculous things, but sometimes it's just what I need. I love watching him play with DS.

And I TOTALLY love that he washes dishes!! ROFL

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My husband can always make me laugh. DS absolutely adores him too. If my husband is home he always stops studying to make time to put DS down to bed at night.
DH spends more time with his family than the other guys he trains with. They're already required to do 12 hour days, so I really don't get how these men want to spend more time away from the house. This year has been a great reminder that my husband truly puts me and DS first while being in an environment that's not meant to work with family life.

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I love that my DH is always realistic and keeps me honest to myself and my own expectations. Sometimes I get a little out of control with my wants, when in fact I have everything I need and DH reminds of our plans and keeps me on track.

PLus, I love that he is the coupon King and loves finding great deals. I mean, since we have decided to ttc our 1st he has found diaper coupons and deals and that's how I know he is truely excited!

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He is patient..kind..fun..an awesome hubby and father. He puts up with me and he is hot Smile

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I love that my husband is one of the most thoughtful and giving people I know.

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When I was first getting to know DH, I was struck by what a genuine interest he took in me. He was always asking me questions about my family, history, life, just to learn more about me. He's always trying to understand and get my thought process. He told me once that he wants to know how my mind works.

I also REALLY love that he cooks and cleans. He's actually a better housekeeper than I am!

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I love how my DH is organized with everything...particularly with the bills! I am terrible with managing that part of the household, and I'm glad he's willing to deal with it.

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Look at all the great DH/SO we all have.

I love that he knows when I've had a bad day and will draw me a bubble bath with candles and a good book to read. After being in there a little while he'll come check on me and asks if he can shave me legs for me. I know weird right? That's just one that comes to mind today, he cooks most of the time.