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QOTD for Monday

When you talk on the phone what ear to you hold the phone to?

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I know it seems like a weird question, but I thought about this the other day when I noticed that I ALWAYS hold the phone to my right ear. I feel like I can't hear as well with it on my left ear. When I try to use my left ear I always end up switching it back to my right.

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I completely agree with you Anna! I'm a rightie all the way! Smile

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Same here, I'm a rightie too.

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Left so that I can keep using my right hand for other things. Lol

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I hold it to my right ear.

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To my right ear, too! Though these days, I'm usually using speaker phone.

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Left ear. I'm left handed, so I favor that hand.

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I favor my right ear as well. It feels foreign for me to use my left ear. If I need my right hand, I'll just hold the phone in place with my shoulder or switch it on speaker. Although, talking on the phone is difficult right now. Avery seems to think she needs to speak with whomever is on the phone, and she throws fits until she gets to do so.

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These days its whatever side is away from N. Usually my left though

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Usually my left. I don't hear as well out of my right ear.

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My left. So I can use my right hand to write messages and such

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If I'm holding it with my hand I switch between both ears with a small preference for the right. If I'm using my shoulder to hold it in place while I do something with my hands then its always on the right.