QOTD - Monday 8/27

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QOTD - Monday 8/27

Do you work out? What are some of your favorite work out tunes?

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Nope, I'm morally opposed to doing exercise. LOL

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I get into spurts of working out. My weight has been going up and down for awhile now. I have to start working out again, I'm feeling frumpy. When I do work out, I like to do hip hop abs. It's the same guy that made insanity. I love it!

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yup... i do a intense ab workout i found on pintrest. Then i do either eliptical at the gym or treadmill. I watch TV or read a magazin(if on the eliptical)

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I try, but by the time i get home around 5:30 and still need to have tea on the table it leaves little time. I can't leave in the mornings because if DS wakes up I have to be here to get him up from bed because hubby won't. I can't listen to music when I work out now because ZI need to hear DS, so if we walk or run I just talk to him and point out whats around us.

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I worked out well for a week this summer.. that's all it lasted. I really need to but I think I have excersied induced asthma so I dont see the point in doing it if Im going to feel like crap and cant breathe (I go in for a test in a couple of weeks) so unless we count lifting my school crate in and out of my truck.. or the hefty 3 yr old.. nope no excersing here. I need to start. I had vowed to lose the weight from DS before having a second..... hmm.

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I try to do it regularly! I either walk, or if I want to go all out I do Brazil Butt Lift. It really works great if you stick with it!

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I like to, run, and ride my bike. BUT this summer has been way to hot, so I havent done either in a while, BUT I have been working, and that requires me running my butt all over the hospital