QOTD Monday Aug 1

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QOTD Monday Aug 1

What countries have you lived in? (States or Provinces if you've always lived in the same country!)
What countries have you visited?

(PS: I know I missed the weekend questions, but I think I'll just do questions on weekdays from now on, as it tends to be quieter over the weekends, and gives me a little break to think up new questions!! lol.. hope that's ok!!)

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I've only lived in the U.S.

Karen, how long have you been living in Switzerland? Do you like living there?

Countries I've visited: Canada, Israel, Belgium, and England.

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I have always lived in Canada, province of Quebec. No news there haha! I change cities from time to time, but lately I haven't moved around much.

I have visited in the States a bit but that's all.

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I've lived in North Carolina, Florida, and Georgia. I've only visited Mexico (though I've seen a whole lot of the US), but DH's parents have been talking very seriously about sending us to Korea soon. DH is Korean, and his parents go back about every other year. DH hasn't been back in ten years, and I've obviously never been. But DH says we need to wait until DD is a little bit older, because the flight is something horrible like 24 hours long. :eek:

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I've only ever lived in Canada. I was born in Manitoba, but have lived in New Brunswick since I was 1. I've only ever barely visited th States once or twice on our way to/from Ontario when I was a kid. We all need to get passports so we can take some shopping trips to Maine.

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I have lived in Mexico, Canada and United States. I was born in Chihuahua, Mexico and lived there until I was 6. Then we moved to the United States and I have lived in Oklahoma, Kansas and Texas. I have visited Illinois and Mississippi, but hope to visit many more states, Hawaii in particular! In 1992, I lived in Ontario, Canada for about 6 months.

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I've always lived in the States. I've lived in Tennessee, Nevada, and Texas.

I've visited Canada and that's it.

I'm like 2 miles from Mexico right now, but we're not allowed to cross the border. :violent2: lol.

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I have lived all over Southern California, I lived in Chicago, IL for 9 months. But I have visited ALOT of the states: Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, Utah, Nebraska, Iowa, and all the DC area states (PA, MD, VA, DE). I have also visited Mexico, studied abroad in Barcelona, Spain, and while I was there travelled to London and Paris. I also have visited a friend that was studying abroad in Rome, Italy and travelled with her to Florence, Italy and Amsterdam in the Netherlands. All the international travel happened before DS of course! lol

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I was born in BC, Canada, moved to Quebec when I was 1, and to Ontario when I was 3, where my parents still live. I lived in Scotland for a year working on a Post Grad degree then moved back to Canada - this time to Alberta. I then lived in Portugal for 2 years (for a teaching job) before coming to Switzerland 9 years ago - looks like I'm here to stay!

I've visited the States a couple of times - a trip to Washington DC when I was in middle school (and so drove through every state between Ontario and Washington. And to New Orleans for Mardi Gras when I was in University - we spent one night in Memphis on the way down, but basically just drove straight there and back otherwise.

Since I now live in Europe, it's much easier to get around and travel - I've been to Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, Ireland, England, the Czech republic and Greece (Crete). I've also been to Egypt and Tunisia.

The farthest afield I've ever been is to Malaysia and Thailand...


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I have only ever lived in texas-el paso..dallas..san antonio. I have traveled to california..az..nevada.new mexico.. florida..

I have traveled to mexico. But thats about it...

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I've lived in Michigan, Ohio & Illinois. I have only traveled out of country to Canada, but would like to travel to more places. Any suggestions? I went to Canada on this Safari trip thing & it was fun. States I've visited are: Indiana, Mississippi, Florida, Arkansas, Georgia, and Tennessee.

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I've lived in Nebraska my whole life. For college I moved from southeast Nebraska to centeral Nebraska and I've stayed here!

I have visited Mexico, Hungry, England, Ireland, Scottland, and Wales. Statewise I've visited Texas, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Lousiana, Alabama, Florida, Kansas, Missouri, Tenessee, Mass, Connecticut, Arizona, Colorado, Wyoming, Iowa, Illinois, South Dakota, North Dakota, and Minnisota.

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I was born in Pittsburgh, PA, and have lived there for just under a year, then I came down and lived in SC. I've been in SC ever since. 24 years now. I've visited GA,FLA,NC,VA,WV,TN,NJ.

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I've only lived in the US. NJ, PA and NY.

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I have always lived in Ontario Canada.

I have visited the US a few times, been to Florida twice. One time we drove ans the other time we flew.

I have also driven to Canada's west coast ( I have famil out there) and DH and I honeymooned in Cuba