QOTD Tues Aug 16

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QOTD Tues Aug 16

As awesome as all of our DH/SOs are, there are surely things about him that drive you mad! Wink

so.... what is the most annoying/irritating thing about your DH/SO?

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his crazy driving and when he yawns super loudly.

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He chews with his mouth open. It makes me absolutely crazy!! I've never told him.

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The dirty laundry basket is on his side of the room. He can easily extend his arm to drop things in there. But does he?! Nope! He just throws the clothes on the floor right where he's standing!!!! DRIVES ME NUTS!

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He is beyond stubborn about certain things (the flip side of the organization that I DO appreciate, is that with some things it goes all the way to OCD!)

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He bites his nails something awful! He seriously has almost NO nails, and yet he still manages to chew on them!
And it bugs me that he insists on having the TV on ALL. THE. TIME. Half the time there's noone watching it, but yet it is on...

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He paces when he is on the phone, drives especially crazy when he is talking with his family becuase I want to hear what's going on!

and he talks too much in the morning... it's not that I am not a morning person, but can I at least go pee and shower before I am expected to formulate an approproate response!

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He is very stubborn and always has to have the last word.

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Gosh my dh lives to annoy me by trashing my clean house every time he's home over two hours. Dishes, clothes, etc

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The way he starts a home improvement project and totally underestimates the time it will take to complete it, thereby leaving things scattered and taken apart for a month. Literally a month.