QOTD - Wed 10/17

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QOTD - Wed 10/17

You walk through your front door. Where do you put your purse/bag?

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On the door knob to the basement!!!

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Kitchen counter. Sometimes it gets moved to the bedroom, sometimes it stays there until I leave again.

Marianne, I just looked at your siggy. You got married the day I met my DH. Good day!!

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on the doorknob to a closet, sometimes on the stairs. For some reason, everything always ends up on the stairs... maybe it's because it belongs upstairs and I'm too lazy to bring it up at the time. :?

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I walk across the house and depending on how I fell and how crazy DS is either in the back part of the lounge near the book case or the rocker or the table

I've asked hubby to build this http://pinterest.com/pin/157063105725907387/ and I want to put it against a blank wall at the back of the loubge room to use as a storage area for bags and stuff, he said he will make it but who knows when it will happen