QOTD Wed 10 Aug

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QOTD Wed 10 Aug

What beauty product can you not do without??

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Lately--anything in the Olay ProX line. (Damn you crows feet!)

But if we're talking makeup, I'm a lip gloss junkie.

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My salycilic acid face wash! Unfortunately, you aren't supposed to use it during pregnany and that's when I break out the most! Oddly, I had no issues with acne during my adolescent years. It all started when I was about 25!

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Moisturizer with sunscreen! I wear it every single day no matter what.

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I guess I'd say my moisturiser ... I get sooo dry!!

For make up it would be mascara.

And Anna... I totally hear you on the pregnant break out thing! My face is covered in masses of tiny little spots at the moment.. ugghhh...

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moisturizer with sunscreen. I never skip it!

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I am so non-girly, especially when it comes to make up. All I wear on a regular basis is lip balm (Vanilla Lip Smackers.) And I can't do without it, I keep one in the bedroom, living room and my purse lol.

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Bobbi Brown's Tinted moisturizer- SPF and a little color in a bottle- it's great! Anything from Bobbi Brown is pretty amazing. Her stuff is a little pricy but it lasts a while and is totally worth the extra bucks!

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I have really blonde eyebrows so I use an eyebrow pencil to give them some color. I love Too Faced Blond-y pencil. I get it at Ulta. I know its kind of a weird thing to "not do without" but it doesn't even look like I have eyebrows in the summer b/c the sun turns them so white so I love my pencil!

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Chapstick and mascara!

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I can't do without my cover girl mineral makeup. LOVE it! I also can't do without my chapstick.

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I don't wear a lot of make up either, so I guess I have to say my chap stick.

If we are talking hair, then I can't do without my hair dye!! I would be completely grey without it.

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Oil of Olay facial moisturizer