QOTD - Wed. 9/19

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QOTD - Wed. 9/19

Who is your favorite musician of all time?

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Geez Anna, that is a toughie!! I grew up listening to my mom's "oldies" so I love that genre. I guess some favorites would be Aretha Franklin, the Beatles, CCR. Now I usually listen to country, but I'm not sure if any would equal favorite of all time. I do like Blake Shelton, Eric Church, anyone with that sort of sound.

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I go through phases. atm it has to be Mumford and Sons (they drive DH nuts though) but I could listen to them from morning to night.
But also, The Beatles, Muse, and The Faint... but I really do have all likes all over the map, but if someone told me I could take only one cd to a deserted island, it would have to be Mumford and Sons.

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this is a good one....it's hard to pick a favorite..... i do like more folk music...usually those unknown bands or singers.
I do like a good Johnny Denver song -- and although i hate to admit it....i kinda like Taylor Swift.